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About The Literature Group

The Literature Group was created to fill a huge void on the Internet. On no website can writers and readers meet up to share ideas. Every year, more than 250,000 books are independently published. Thousands of local readers and writers meet in local writers groups and book clubs every day.

The Literature Group offers many services to build up the enjoyment experienced in literature. From college journalism majors to retired amateur authors to book club leaders, the Literature Group is about helping you in so many ways.

Create Your Own Personal Profile

Be seen and heard. Sign up for a free literature group profile and meet authors, follow groups, send messages and tell your own story. Your profile is completely free and comes with photo albums and live streaming videos. Bookmark Literature Group as your writing home and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer. See many more below.

Writers Critique

Every piece you write deserves to have the best critiques available. With the Literature Group Writers Critique you can submit your work for the open review of all Literature Group fellow writers and readers. View some of the nation’s best works as they go through the production process. Writers Critique includes fiction, poetry, biographies….you name it and you can find it there.

Digital Book Club

Join a nationwide book club where you choose the book and comment along with readers from across the world. With the free Literature Group Book Club you browse different books which include synopses, reviews, and discounted prices specific to Literature Group users. Select your book and join in on the conversation. Subscribe and have responses send directly to your email!

“Grow Your Group” Tutorials

You might be missing the book club from the last place you lived. Or perhaps there is not a writers group near you. The “Grow Your Group” Tutorials will show you how to begin or grow your local writers group or book club. Find free information from writers groups and book clubs who have already been there.

Publish Your Own Work

Your recently published book isn’t the only thing you have to say to the world. And when you finish a great book, you want to do more than post it on Facebook. Every profile comes with a free publishing tool that allows you to blog, publish press releases, book reviews, and general announcements for your group. Want to see what other people are posting? Click here to read other User articles

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