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writers critique

Writers, here is an online place for you to critique other work from writers just like you. Offer helpful critiques (scratch their back) and post your material for other writers to critique (they scratch yours.) By the way, did we mention that it’s free?

digital book club

Want the wonderful book club discussion without the obligatory small talk. No drama. No homework to read. No lame book selections. And best yet, everyone has read the book! Browse book titles and choose what you want. Ready for the icing on the cake? We find great deals for your books.

writers group forum

What challenges are you currently having as a writers group? Any recent discoveries, major announcements? Here is your place to announce it all among the nation’s largest collection of writers groups.

book club forum

It’s exactly the same as above, except for book clubs. Yup!

general support

Do you have questions about the Literature Group? Here is the place to ask! Navigation issues? Suggestions? Having trouble finding something? We look forward to hearing from you.